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1961-1977 Early years

Born into a musical family with father, mother and stepmother all successful professional classical musicians. Bought singles by The Beatles and The Monkees at age 7. Early influences included glam rock, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, The Wombles, Steve Hillage, Steve Hackett and punk rock.

1978-1982 Early bands

First school band Rainbow Warrior, changed name to Om, played headliner at local theatre in Chesham, Buckinghamshire in late 1978. Om evolved into Ultraviolet and then Perfect Strangers, who disbanded in early 1980 after a handful of local gigs. First studio recordings with next project Crossover in late 1980. Solo recordings in various studios 1981 and 1982. 

1983-1986 Burnessence

First solo album 'Burnessence' recorded in 1983. The band Burnessence formed soon afterwards, played local gigs in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire during 1983 and 1984. Second album 'I Am You Are Me' released 1984. Various line-ups of the band continued to gig extensively throughout the South-East of England, including supports to the then new wave of progressive rock bands. Final gig in March 1986. 

1986-1989 Songwriting and singing lessons

First solo gig (disastrous!) in East London. Took singing lessons. Attended independent record labels seminar. Began slower and more thorough approach to songwriting and recording. Recorded demo, financed by selling own guitars and amps.

1989-1991 Learning To Fly solo single and Power In Your Hands album releases

First release on own Expanding Consciousness label in late 1989, the solo single Learning To Fly c/w Mumbling In The House Of Commons. First national radio plays on Radio One. Solo gigs at university in Brighton and in London. Album release in 1990, supported by a small number of band and solo gigs.

1991-1994 Brighton solo gigs, Tuu and various recording sessions

Solo and band recording sessions. Studio dance music experiment, influenced by acid house and rave music. First solo and duo gigs at The Sanctuary Cafe in Brighton. Studio guitar contributions to ambient group Tuu. 

1996-1998 Brighton Festival Of Freedom, Infinite Ocean solo single release, trips to Holland

More recording for Tuu. Management and organization of acoustic stage at massively successful free festival in Brighton. Extended CD single 'Infinite Ocean' released. First international radio play and internet exposure. Live performances and interviews on two Dutch radio stations. Trip to Progfarm festival in Holland. Live Tuu session for American radio station. 

1999-2001 Preparation for next release, networking and occasional gig

London Tuu gig and small Brighton gig, both in May 1999. Work on the new album 'Finding New Ways To Love' begun at the end of 2001.

2002-2004 Finding New Ways To Love album recording and release, solo gigs

Recording of 'Finding New Ways To Love' album in Hove and Dublin. Solo gig supporting Caravan at Whitchurch festival. Album released July 2004. Extensive international reviews, radio play and downloading from website, especially in America and Europe. Solo gigs in Sussex. Dutch radio and English radio interview with live set.

2005-2007 Vision On album recording and release, solo gigs

Begun in March 2005. Solo gigs in Sussex, London, Cambridge and Windsor. 'Vision On' released in December 2007. International reviews, radio play and interviews follow in early 2008. Took a break from music due to personal circumstances.

2009-2015 Whose Dream Are You Living? album recording and online release, solo gigs 
Having rushed the last album, a slower approach taken to songwriting and new material. Solo and duo gigs in Brighton and Hove. Gradual development of online presence, YouTube channel and digital distribution. Online album released November 2015.
2016-2017 Band and solo gigs, extensive songwriting and recording, Whose Dream Are You Living? CD release
Full band Brighton gig, early 2016. Solo performance at Sir Harry Kroto tribute. Extensive solo and band recording sessions. 'Whose Dream Are You Living?' album released as a CD, partly re-mixed and with extra tracks, May 2017. Interview feature in Prog magazine. Video releases of 'And Set Your Spirit Free' and 'Grass Is Greener'. Green Party benefit band gig.

Burnessence first gig, Chesham 1983

Whitchurch Festival 2003

Windsor 2007

Hove 2012

2018-2019 New studio album Interconnected released, videos, band gigs
Full band gig, March. Final mixing of 'Interconnected' during May, June, July, recorded over the previous 18 months. Filming and editing of accompanying videos. Continuing album launch, good international reviews, live shows. Eppyfest headliner in Cheltenham, July 2019.
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