TB Band next gig, Danfest in Leicester, 1.12.19.

"Impressive - if edgy - set, mixing new wave energy with songs that cross social comment with forensic personal analysis." Prog magazine. Big thanks again to promoter Ian Fairholm for our July headliner at the small-but-perfectly-formed Eppyfest in Cheltenham. 


Our next gig will be Danfest at the Musician in Leicester on 1st December. Both Keith and Monty are likely to be able to make this, so we hope to be back to a 5 piece. 

The last two albums 'Interconnected' (2018) and 'Whose Dream Are You Living?' (2017) are still available on CD and as a digital download from my Bandcamp site where they can be listened to for free. Although the live band were very much involved, both of the albums were mostly all about co-producer Mr. Tardo and myself - endless hours in the darkest depths of his studio on the Sussex coast. Hats off to Julian, the man with no ego.


Thank you to Sea Of Tranquility website for an exceptionally kind review of 'Interconnected', another review at Prognosis, several others are up on the net. I have never felt comfortable with the "progrock" label, having always aspired to something a bit more eclectic, so it's nice to see a wider range of names mentioned by reviewers this time round e.g. Bowie, XTC and even Gary Numan.

We had a lot of fun making a total of five videos for the last two albums. They are still getting quite a few views and can be found on my Youtube channel


Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support my music in any way, it means a huge amount. 


September 2019
Brighton, UK

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