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Three new live Burness Band videos now up on Youtube, folks!

After various delays (mainly Covid stuff), live 2019 Burness Band videos of 'Electric Energy', 'Mumbling In The House Of Commons' and 'Infinite Ocean' are up on my Youtube channel

The sold-out gig with the massively talented Nick Harper at the end of last year was a great success. Nick is a top chap and he was absolutely stunning in his musicianship and general performance. I played a short support set. There was a lot of love in the room.

'Interconnected' (2018) and 'Whose Dream Are You Living?' (2017) are both still available on CD and as a digital download from my Bandcamp site where they can be listened to for free. I am still very pleased with them, thank you again to everyone who has supported in any way, it means a huge amount to me.


West Sussex, UK

February, 2022

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